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Galia Melon

Galia Melons are a delicious, sweet and juicy melon with a unique flavor. They have a pale green skin, and a vibrant green and yellow striped interior. This melon is perfect for adding to salads, smoothies or simply enjoying alone. Their crisp, juicy flesh is packed with vitamins and minerals and is a great source of dietary fiber. Enjoy a Galia Melon today for a refreshing and healthy snack


Best Time to Buy

Galia melons are a popular produce item, and they are available year-round. The melons are grown in both hemispheres and exported worldwide. During the spring through mid-fall, Galia melons experience a peak season, when the melons are especially flavorful and in abundance. During peak season, Galia melons are typically fresher, juicier, and more affordable. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking to add a sweet and juicy flavor to their recipes.

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