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Honeydew Melons

Our Honeydew melons are sweet and juicy, with a light green, creamy skin. They have a crisp, smooth texture and a subtly sweet, mild taste. Honeydews are an ideal addition to a fruit salad or a refreshing dessert. These melons are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, making them a healthy and delicious snack. Enjoy the deliciousness of our Honeydew melons today

Best Time to Buy

Honeydew melon is in peak season from August to October in California. During this time, honeydews are at their sweetest and ripest. When selecting a honeydew melon, look for one that is firm and heavy for its size. It should also have a waxy skin and a creamy yellow color. The melon should smell sweet and have a slightly bumpy surface. Enjoy honeydew during its peak season for the best flavor and texture.

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